About Grelum

An emerging company which has a strong vision in the field of Education, Training, Development, Manufacturing, Consulting, Human Resource Management & allied service, Sales and Management.

To Enlighten, Educate, Encourage and Enrich positively.

To provide ultimate solution by intense analysis with appropriate transformation.


We at Grelum Edutech have a very good team which is intensely talented and enthusiastic. Grelum Edutech is an organization that was formed in 2017 after 8 years of research and development to bring a positive revolution in the field of Education and Technology. We have a strong focus towards the society especially in eradication of unemployment by providing employment opportunities in various fields which suits the person. We provide intense Job Oriented Training for the individual. It is filled with extraordinary, hardworking and talented team. The Chairman & CEO of Grelum Edutech, Mr. Rajesh Dharmaraj has been under Research and Development in the field of Education and Technology for the past 10 years and also served for the same field in rural areas of Karnataka for the past 6 years for the development of education and individual skill development of school and college students in Rural Karnataka .The Managing Director Mr. Nandakumar has made research with personal interest on students and individuals for 2 calendar years and came out with a result with analysis of the requirements of the society.

Our trainers are specially talented and trained with our methodologies and execute their outcome after approval from their respective team leaders. Our technical development team is very well updated with the latest technologies and various platforms work with a great thirst towards satisfying the need and advantages of the clients and provide excellent tech support. Our Customer Service Executives too are well trained in their field and also have undertaken the appropriate training both internally and externally. Our Training Team is uniquely equipped with all attributes which enables them to bring out the talents of the students and trainees with a positive mental attitude and create a successful career for them. We also provide Teaching & Training certification courses which is trained with excellent attributes with affordable cost for the best outcome. We also help our candidates in designing their career in the best possible way since talent is the best asset. We also conduct various career guidance courses in various places which help the students to plan their future with confidence